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Top Tips

By Lance Geringer B.A.

Lance GeringerI’ve been in the fitness and nutrition business for 32 years and have helped men and women achieve the look they want.

There are no shortcuts to looking good but there are plenty of ideas and gimmicks that can bring your progress to a halt.

Here are a few basic rules you need to understand and follow:

  1. When it comes to diet & exercise, anything that sounds too good to be true… is!
  2. There is no such thing as the best diet; if there was everyone would be using it.
  3. Diets that tell you to restrict carbohydrates are the craze – and crazes don’t last!
  4. Eating/training for a great body and eating/training to lose weight are two different things.
  5. Losing fat is very straightforward. Being consistent and patient with your programme is the challenging part.
  6. There are no perfect programmes but there are plenty of wrong programmes!

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