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What our customers are saying

I eat a Fit & Trim bar at work in the afternoon, just before I go to the gym. It stops my hunger and gives me enough energy for my workout. By the time I get home, I only want to eat a small dinner. It really helped with my hunger during the evenings. Doing this I’ve been able to lose 7 pounds in the last month!
Sylvia R. (age 44) – Essex
I’m a chocoholic, and the chocolate chip bar tastes great and really satisfies me.
Amy M. (age 37) – Essex
I ate a Fit & Trim bar while running out of the house one morning and didn’t feel hungry until lunch. They taste great, and I have a real sweet tooth!
Lucy H. (age 29) – Essex
My friend was eating a Fit & Trim bar while we were having coffee. She asked me if I’d like to try it, and it tasted amazing. She gave me a whole one when we got back to her house and I tried it the next day. Not only did it taste great but it really did satisfy my hunger.
Mary T. (age 34) – Essex
A cup of tea and a Fit & Trim bar is what I use to help me get through my afternoon cravings.
John S. (age 41) – Essex
I’ve tried both flavours and both are delicious… they have no aftertaste like most diet bars I’ve tried. Adding these bars to my daily routine helped me lose another 4 pounds in 2 ½ weeks!
Betty S. (age 26) – Essex
I eat and recommend these bars to my clients. They fill me up and let me do all my activities without making me feel heavy.
Tammy R. (age 29) – London
The apricot/cranberry is my favourite. It manages my hunger between breakfast and lunch.
Luke T. (age 31) – Essex
I use these bars after going to the gym and don’t have hunger pains like I used to.
Terry S. (age 28) – Essex
I met Lance at an exhibition and he was kind enough to talk to me about how I could lose some weight. He didn’t change my diet much but showed me how to add the Fit & Trim bar into my programme. I’ve lost 9 pounds in the last 3 ½ weeks doing what he said!
Paul E. (age 29) – Somerset
I never thought a diet bar could taste this good!
Jeanette A. (age 33) – Essex
I’ve just had a baby and there never seems to be time for me to eat. My trainer told me to eat one of these bars when I’m on the run. It worked! They make me feel good and get me through the day.
Michelle N. (age 24) – Buckinghamshire
I was sceptical about a bar being able to curb hunger and cravings, but after trying it I’m a believer. I can honestly say that it does what it says on the package!
Chris T. (age 36) – Essex
I don’t recommend many nutrition products to my clients, but I do like the Fit & Trim bars because they’re low in calories and sugar. My clients like them because they taste great and fills them up.
Dan F. (age 38) – Essex
After eating a bar, I feel fully satisfied.
Amir K. (age 27) – Essex
I’ve been working out for years, and I will sometimes buy the diet bars at the local Holland & Barrett. They all taste pretty similar and I don’t buy too many because they only taste okay. When I first tried the Fit & Trim bar it really shocked me because it tasted fantastic! I couldn’t believe it. I really thought it had to have a lot of sugar or sweetener, but it actually had less than the other gym bars I’ve eaten.
Tom R. (age 40) – London
I got this product from my personal trainer. The label said it was low in calories, sugar and saturated fat. I thought it would taste horrible, but the taste was so different than what I initially thought it would be, and it actually worked.
Tim B. (age 33) – London
A friend of mine introduced me to Lance and I asked him what I should do when I get hungry while driving home. He suggested that I keep a couple of these bars in my car for those occasions. They actually work. Eating them has stopped me from picking up fast food that I was normally buying. Doing this I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last week. The best thing about the bars is that I enjoy eating them.
Dave M. (age 31) – Essex
My personal trainer had me try the double chocolate bar since I told him I won’t stop eating chocolate. While I still eat chocolate, this bar has really reduced the amount I eat, and now I’m seeing the results of all the training I’ve been doing. I was quite surprised that it tasted so good!
Dina H. (age 38) – Essex
I purchased the dark chocolate chip bar thinking that even if I didn’t like it I’m not spending much money. After trying it I was sold! I use one bar a day and now eat less than before. I’m eating these bars and losing weight, which I still can’t believe!
Mary D. (age 33) – Essex
I’m a golfer and have used the golf bar Lance developed for years. That bar has given me more energy and has made me a better golfer. When I found out Lance developed this bar for dieting, I had no hesitation in trying it. It does exactly what it says on the label, just like the golf bar. I’ve used this bar to drop 17 pounds in the last 3 months, and I don’t have the hunger I had like the last time I dieted.
Tom P. (age 49) – Essex
Tastes great and works even better!
Dan T. (age 31) – Cambridgeshire
I’m highly suspicious of any product that makes claims, but the Fit & Trim bar does curb my hunger. It’s the best tasting diet bar I’ve found!
Margaret S. (age ‘in my 40’s) – Essex
I’m really enjoying using these Fit & Trim bars. I feel so much better now. The taste and texture are amazing!
Alice V. (age 32) – London
All my friends love the double chocolate, but the apricot and cranberry is the best tasting in my opinion.
Kris B. (age 26) – Essex
Everyone seems to be talking about how great they taste, and they do, but I’m happier that they’ve stopped my cravings and I’m losing weight.
Tom R. (age 37) – Essex
These bars are incredible! After 2 weeks I’ve lost 5 pounds, and all I did was have one when I would normally skip a meal.
Jack F. (age 33) – Essex
I’ve tried many dieting products, but the Fit & Trim bars are the best tasting diet bars around. I’ve been using them for 5 weeks and have lost 8 pounds.
Amy J. (age 34) – Essex
Fantastic taste and really filling!
John W. (age 31) – London
I don’t have time for breakfast and my trainer said to eat a Fit & Trim bar on my way to work. Doing this I haven’t been eating the large lunches that I’m used to and I am seeing changes in my body!
Jessica S. (age 38) – Essex
I love these bars! I’ve lost 3lbs in the last week and a half from eating something that tastes so good.
Andrea N. (age 27) – Essex
I definitely notice the difference in my hunger levels after eating a bar.
Ben C. (age 45) – London
I didn’t have much energy when I was working out with my personal trainer, so he told me to eat one before my session. I can’t believe the difference it’s made in both my energy levels during the workout and my hunger levels after. They’re incredible!
Ann V. (age 51) – London
I don’t like the taste of diet bars, but the Fit & Trim bar definitely doesn’t taste like a diet bar. I’ve lost 4 ½ lbs in the last 2 weeks.
Tracy F. (age 32) – London
As a boxer, I eat right and train for 2 hours at a time. Most bars make me feel bloated and sluggish during my workout. I was lucky enough to speak with Lance who showed me how to use them to get the most out of my training. The energy I have now is incredible!
George T. (age 26) – Essex
I like having one before my workout. It gives me the energy I need and I don’t feel extremely hungry afterwards.
Daniel S. (age 29) – Essex
As a diabetic, I have to be very careful with what I eat. I really enjoy the Fit & Trim bars and they do fill me up.
John B. (age 41) – Essex
I’ve lost 9lbs in 5 weeks eating the double chocolate Fit & Trim bar. Amazing!
Lisa P. (age 33) – Essex
I love the Fit & Trim Chocolate bar! It really satisfies my chocolate cravings.
Penny E. (age 41) – London
As a guy I thought that one bar wouldn’t fill me up, but it does! I’ve lost 6lbs in the last 3 weeks!
Matt N. (age 28) – Essex
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