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“Products that work – Information you need!”

When it comes to getting the body you want, whether through dieting, exercising or both, it’s hard work!  It’s even harder when you start experiencing the hunger and cravings that occur daily. There is nothing that you are going through, or will go through, that we haven’t experienced.

Everyone wants to look great, but there is so much misinformation floating about that where do you begin, who do you believe?   L.A. Fit is here to help you.  With us you will reach your goals!

The L.A. FIT team:

Lance Geringer – the science behind the bar!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Lance is a degreed Exercise Kinesiologist (movement specialist) who started making his own nutrition products back in the early 1990’s.  Having developed a few products in his career – one being the UK’s and Europe’s No. 1 golf bar – Lance specifically designed the Fit & Trim bars to do exactly what they say on the package: curb both hunger and cravings.

Lance is the ‘Well-being’ writer for ‘Women & Golf’ magazine and also writes fitness articles for other newspapers/magazines, works with professional athletes on their nutrition programmes and gives weight loss advice to certain celebrities back in Los Angeles.  He has been asked to write two books which explain his approach to eating and getting the body you want (due to come out in 2016): “The Choice Diet” and “Fit & Trim Body Shaping”.  You can read portions of these books here in this website over the coming weeks.

Amanda Barrett – the taste behind the bar!

An exceptional baker, Amanda developed the Fit & Trim bar recipes knowing that the key to success in reaching your body goals is based around using foods that you enjoy eating!  She is other reason why the golf bar is so successful!

At 40 years old, Amanda won the UKBFF London and Southeast Physique Championships using the first Fit & Trim bar prototype throughout her 20 week diet.  At 44 years old, she ran the London Marathon using a liquid version of the bar Lance developed.

Robin Lynn – our sales and marketing man!

Of course every team has to have someone who is ‘Sport Mad’ and Robin is that person!  His background in Sales & Business Development have brought a modern and creative ‘kick’ to the office, and his insight and attention to detail on projects are always fascinating to observe.

Along with everything else on his plate, he continues to work with the Football Association and currently is Head of Youth Development at UK Football Camps.

Chris Waterhouse – our IT guru!

With an extensive background in IT and Marketing, Chris really knows his stuff! Media sites, email campaigns and improving the website are big jobs here at Fit and Trim. His understanding of IT helps the rest of the team do their jobs with peace of mind.

Rachael Page – the complete all rounder!

Whether it’s packaging, logistics, or looking after our increasing list of repeat customers, Rachael prides herself on getting things done quickly, efficiently and with a smile on her face. She also enjoys a Fit and Trim bar with her morning tea.

Our sales agents!

Every person in our business is important, and each of our sales agents have helped us grow at a faster pace than we ever could of imagined. All our agents have been handpicked to deliver a great level of service to every Fit and Trim customer.

If you’re interested in finding out more about becoming an agent then please contact:

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