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Frequently Asked Questions (with Lance Geringer B.A.)

Welcome to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. Here you will find answers to some of the questions we’ve been asked in the past year regarding our Fit & Trim bars. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

What is the Fit & Trim bar?

The Fit & Trim bar is the only bar that has been specifically developed to curb the hunger and cravings that occur during dieting or just eating healthier; as most of us will admit, eating healthier doesn’t make the hunger or cravings go away.

Why do I need a bar that curbs hunger and cravings?

Diets fail due to hunger and cravings! If you curb them you are more likely to succeed in your weight loss/getting in shape programme.

The one thing that you can count on during any diet, healthier eating plan, or after doing any activity, are the feelings of hunger and cravings that occur. The Fit & Trim bar now allows you to enjoy eating something which curbs those feelings, while also being low in calories, sugars, saturated fat and sodium.

How does it work?

Most diet bars are protein and fibre based due to research which shows they can curb hunger. Unfortunately, in real life situations this does not work. If it did, all you would need to do to curb feelings of hunger and cravings is eat a piece of chicken, fish or high fibre vegetable. How many people do this? Not many! While this type of snack is healthy, it doesn’t satisfy you since you need more than just protein and fibre to really curb hunger and cravings.

The Fit & Trim bar was developed by manipulating the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) into certain ratios which curb hunger, and then combining the finest ingredients in our unique way to satisfy cravings.

Remember, the only way to really cure hunger is to eat enough calories to stop it, but then you wouldn’t be on a diet or watching what you eat!

How to use the bar?

There are a few times when snacking on a Fit & Trim bar will help you get through your day:

  1. Snack on a bar as hunger develops; normally occurs in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon
  2. Snack on a bar when cravings hit; usually from mid-afternoon and through the evening
  3. When you’re ‘on the go’! Normally, most people are so busy that they forget to eat, and when you skip a meal your body will compensate by overeating at your next meal. The end result is no weight loss for that day!


Eating a bar before you get hungry or want something sweet will help minimise the amount of food you eat at your next meal and reduce any cravings you might get later in the day.

What about low calorie snacks like an apple or yoghurt?

There is nothing wrong with these snacks. If you can curb hunger and cravings with an apple, or any other low calorie snack, that’s not only great but I recommend that you continue to do so! But, in my experience of over 30 years, a very low calorie snack like an apple or yoghurt is just not enough to curb hunger or cravings in the majority of people out there who are dieting or watching what they eat.

Remember this about low calorie snacks: If they worked so well everyone would be eating them and succeeding in dieting – and as we all know this is not the case.

How many calories are in the Fit & Trim bars?

The Apricot Cranberry Fit & Trim bar has 171 calories

The Double Chocolate Fit & Trim bar has 181 calories

How do we make the bars taste so great when they’re low in sugar?

It’s not the amount of sugar you use in the recipe but the quality and combinations of the ones used.

Why is taste so important?

To be successful during any diet or healthy eating plan, you must try to eat things that have at the very least a pleasant taste. It doesn’t matter how great the food or product is for you, if you don’t like its taste you won’t continue to eat or use it – and results only come with consistency.

This is where many diets and healthy eating plans fail, since no one wants to eat [or continue to eat] foods that are bland and not enjoyable!

Why haven’t you put more protein in the bar?

The Fit & Trim bar is not meant to be just a protein bar. The bar was developed to help people become more successful in their weight loss [getting in shape] programmes. While protein is important for helping curb hunger it’s not the only component.

When it comes to hunger and cravings have you ever said, “I need some chicken!” or “I need to eat a piece of fish!”? But, how many times have you thought of chocolate?! Remember, chocolate isn’t a bad word. The bad words are ‘too much chocolate’.

How do Fit & Trim bars compare to other diet or nutrition bars in the market?

The Fit & Trim bars are made of real food ingredients like oats and wheat, high quality sugar (dark soft brown sugar), real fruit or dark chocolate chips and then baked. This gives the bars a taste second to none – we guarantee that!

Most diet/nutrition bars in the market use powders and syrups which are then compressed together. Then, a lot of sweetener(s) or sugar(s) is added to make them taste palatable; these types of bars are never baked.

Our bars don’t need any extra vitamins or minerals because the real food ingredients contain these nutrients already. The Fit & Trim bar has been developed to curb hunger and cravings; it is not supposed to be a complete nutrition bar with all your daily vitamin and mineral requirements – which I personally don’t agree with.

Other diet and nutrition bars have to add vitamins/minerals since they’re not in the powders or syrups being used; once added, extra sugars or sweeteners must be put into the recipe to disguise their taste.

Why didn’t you put more fibre in the bar?

Too much fibre at one time can cause gas, bloating, diarrhoea and/or constipation. Your fibre should be spread out evenly over the day and not consumed at any one meal or snack. Fit & Trim bars have the right amount of fibre for the total amount of calories in the bar.

Are the Fit & Trim bars healthy?

YES! These bars are made from 100% natural food ingredients, with no artificial colours, flavours, added preservatives or GM ingredients. They are also low in sugar, saturated fat, sodium and have zero trans fats.

Can vegetarians/vegans use the bar?

Vegetarians can eat both Fit & Trim bars.

Fit & Trim bars contain whey protein isolate (milk protein) which is not part of the Vegan lifestyle.

Can diabetics use them?

Diabetics can and do use the Fit & Trim bars. The majority of the carbohydrates in the bar come from complex carbohydrates which do not cause the blood sugar to spike. Please show the bars to your doctor before using them, since your doctor should always be informed of the addition [or removal] of any foods from your daily diet.

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